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Danshig Buddhist Festival 7 Days

Originally, Danshig festival or Danshug Naadam is related to the enthronement ceremony for His Holiness Zanabazar (1635 - 1722), the spiritual head of Mongolian Buddhism. Drawing on the traditional yearly gatherings of the seven Mongol princes of the Khalkha province, the Danshig represents a symbolic demonstration of unity as well as a religious and political event for the Khalkha Mongols. This religious festival was revived in 2014, almost a century later. You will have a chance to experience this festival up close with richly informative buddhist guide.

And you will experience and visit the most beautiful places of Central Mongolia.

DAY 1.
Ulaanbaatar City, Danshig Naadam Day 1

On arrival, you will be met by your guide and be transferred to hotel for short rest. The day starts with an opening ceremony of Danshig Religious Festival at the Central Stadium in Ulaanbaatar. Enjoy Buddhist ritual performances, special competitions among the monks along with the three manly games of wrestling, horse racing and archery. In the afternoon, enjoy listening to the chanting of 500 monks for the well-being of the every human being at Chingis central square.

DAY 2.
Ulaanbaatar City, Danshig Naadam Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, drive to the Central Stadium to see ‘TSAM’ dance. The main element of the Danshig Festival is the ‘TSAM’, a religious dance that was originated from the Tibetans in the early 18th century. The ‘TSAM’ is a complex ritual performance which is a combination of music, dance and the religious masks worn by the dancers.  After the ‘TSAM’ dance, a short city tour will start including a visit to Zaisan War Memorial Hill and Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum.

DAY 3.
Ulaanbaatar to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes
300 km
Driving duration: 6 hours
Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes: 
Elsen Tasarkhai is a part of the Mongol Els sand dunes, which stretch from the Tuv, Uvurkhangai, and Bulgan provinces all the way west to become part of the Khugnu Khan mountain range. The sand dunes are 80 km long total. Dividing the southern part of the sand dunes with the so-called northern Mongolian sand, Khugnu Tarna is the main road. River Tarnat flows in the western part of the sand dunes, it is sodden under its surfaces, so shrubberies such as willow, elm, dogwood, shrubbery grow there. In the south lies Ikh Mongol mountain which defines the central point of Mongolia and is surrounded by the Elsen Tasarkhai. The widest section of the sand dune is located in the Ikh Mongol mountain area and covers an area of 9-10 km. Half of the Ikh Mongol sand is covered by plants, so its mostly not loose sand. Camel riding on the sand dune and local foods are highlights of this place.

On the way to sand dunes, a shortstop at Mongol Nomadic tourist camp where you can see a live show of nomadic lifestyle. 
Accommodation: Tourist camp

DAY 4.
Elsen Tasarkhai to Tsenkher Hot Springs via Kharkhorin town
210 km
Driving duration: 4 hours

Kharkhorin town:
Founded by Chinggis Khaan in 1200, became Mongol empire’s capital in 1220 by Ugudei Khaan son of Chinggis Khaan. Every religion in the world existed together for centuries in the Karakorum. Historically and archaeologically important place in the world. Kharkhorin is UNESCO world heritage site. Here is the famous Erdenezuu the Buddhist monastery is open to the public. Surrounding 108 stupas creates one magnificent big fence, inside there are 3 remaining ancient monastery buildings which are now a big Buddhist museum. Museum staffs are famous for their good education on the details of the Buddhist exhibits. Next to the museum actual working monasteries are open to the public. Famous Karakorum’s Turtle rock and Phallic rock are located near Erdenezuu monastery.

Activities: Photography, Hiking, Archeological tours, Museum, Monastery visit
Tsenkher Hot Springs: 

Tsenkher soum of Arkhangai province. The second hottest hot springs, used by Mongolians for it's medical and health purposes. 1860 m above sea level underneath the mountain full of forest area, it pumps 10 litres in 1 second. Scientists believed it formed in the 4th-period era. It doesn't get mixed with soil water and evaporates 86 gradus hot.

It contains hydrosulfuric acid and silica combination. It's used to treat having rheumatism, neuralgia, cramp, rheumatics, and pulpous injuries. 

Activities: Swimming, Sightseeing, Medical Treatments
Accommodation: Hot Springs Resort (Duut Resort)

DAY 5.
Tsenkher Hot Springs to Tsetserleg town
60 km

Driving duration: 1 hour

Tsetserleg town:
Is the capital of Arkhangai province. North side of the town there is the famous Bulgan mountain with Zaya Bandida the one of the 4 state’s saint’s monastery which is now a Museum of Arkhangai just next to it the Zaya Bandida’s actual working monastery is open to the public. At the Bulgan mountain there is a big Buddha statue complex and throughout the mountain, there are numbers of drawings of gods it is a fascinating place to climb up to the mountain.

Activities: Photography, Hiking, Museum, Trekking, Sightseeing and Religious tour
Accommodation: Hot Springs Resort (Duut Resort)

DAY 6.
Tsenkher Hot Springs to Ugii Lake
200 km
Driving duration: 4 hours

After breakfast, head to your next destination, Ugii Lake. When passing by Kharkhorin, visit Turkic Museum. After arriving in Ugii Lake, spend the day at your leisure. Ugii Lake is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The lake is well known for its fresh water.

Activities: Swimming, Sightseeing, Photography, Boat trip
Accommodation: Tourist camp

DAY 7.
Ugii lake to Ulaanbaatar city
330 km
Driving duration: 6 hours

Today travel back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in the city, enjoy shopping for pure cashmere garments and souvenir gifts at State Department Store. In the evening, transfer to the airport.


Danshig Naadam
Khangain Nuruu National Park

Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

Karakorum (Kharkhorin town)

Tsenkher Hot Springs

Bulgan mountain

Tsetserleg Town

Zayin Khuree monastery

Nomadic family visits


What’s included in the Price?

English speaking guide at all times

2 Shamans with their helper
10 nights accommodations based on twin/double occupancy;
     - 4-5 star hotel in the city – 3 nights
     - Best Ger camps in the countryside – 5 nights
All meals 24 as specified in the itinerary: Breakfast-10, Lunch-10 & Dinner -10
All relevant transfers and transportation + experienced drivers (4-5 pax will share a 4WD minivan or Jeep for countryside trip)
Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary
National park and Attraction complex tickets
“Wonders of Mongolian Art” performance by “Tumen Ekh” ensemble
Visa invitation letter, if required
Included all taxes

What’s Not included in the Price?

International flights & visa fee
Travel & medical insurance
Daily personal expenses

Route: Ulaanbaatar – Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes – Kharkhorin – Tsenkher Hot Springs – Ugii Lake – Ulaanbaatar

Tour length: 7 days / 8 nights


  1. Ulan Bator
  2. Tariat
  3. Kharkhorin
  4. Altan-Ovoo
  5. Tsetserleg
  6. Ugii Lake