Yohor Festival 2019 8 Days - The Great Mongolian Adventures

Yohor Festival 2019 8 Days

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A folk dance -dance for the Buryat people ( an ethnic group of Mongolia). Distributed throughout ethnic Buryat people.
Performed under the accompaniment of the orchestra or a cappella, under a friendly tune. A group of dancers, holding hands and swaying, with singing, moves around in circles with slow steps. On the chorus the movement accelerates, the steps are replaced by jumps. The musical size is 2/4. In different regions of Buryatia and neighboring regions, there are variants of melody and choreography. Yohor, performed in a circle, dances on the movement of the sun.
It is said that sometimes they would dance all night till the sunlight.

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Day 1. July 14
Ulaanbaatar to Blue Lake & Black Heart Mountain via Chinggis Khaan’s statue complex

Distance: 320 km
Driving duration: 6 hours

Chinggis Khaan’s Statue:
The statue is located in a place called Tsonjin Boldog, in the area of Erdene soum, Tuv province. Tsonjin Boldog is a place where young Temuujin(Chinggis Khaan’s birth name) found a whip on the road back to his home, from successfully made an alliance with Khereid people’s leader Tooril Van. (In Mongolian customs finding a whip is a very good omen), he then said “it is a sign of great future deed’s door has opened” recorded in Mongolian Secret History book.
The statue in total is 40m high from surface erected at about 10 m high foundation and surrounded by columns. The statue, Chinggis Khaan riding his horse, is made of 250 tonnage steel. It is the largest horse-riding statue in the World. Far sighting Chinggis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. The building consisted of 36 supporting columns, symbolizes 36 kings who are the direct lineage of Chinggis Khaan.

Activities: Museum of Huns military equipment, Sightseeing from the head of the horse, Photograph, Biggest boot in the world is inside the Statue.

Khukh lake of Khar Zurkh mountain:
Tsenkhermandal soum of Khentii province. Khukh lake is located next to point topped Khar Zurkh Mountain. It is 1675m. a.s.l. freshwater big and small 2 connected lakes. Surrounded by mountains as well as lots of animals, plants and trees make one beautiful nature.
At this lake Temuujin, the son of Yesukhei Baatar has been announced the Khaan of whole Mongolia and titled Chinggis Khaan.
There are wooden carved statues that represent Chinggis Khaan and his parents, 2 Queens, 9 Lords, his direct descendant Golden Horde 36 Khaans combined 50 statues with their highlighted stories written upon.

Activities: Hiking, Trekking, Sightseeing, Wildlife Observation, Historical information
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 2. July 15
Khukh lake to Uglugch wall via Khangal lake and Baldan Bereeven Monastery

Distance: 150 km
Driving duration: 5 hours

Khangal lake:
Khangal lake is located in Umnudelger soum, Khentii province. Length is 2 km and 500-1200 m wide pure water lake, covers 1.5 sq km land.
The lake’s surrounding 3913-hectare area is announced natural monument place and it is one of the specially protected areas of Mongolia.
With lots of plants and birds with incredible views all around, it is a piece of heaven to stop by.

Activities: Swimming, Hiking, Wildlife observation, Bird watching

Bereeven Monastery:
Buddhist monastery located in the Baruun Jargalant River valley Umnudelger soum, Khentii province. First established in 1654, the monastery grew to be one of the largest and most important in Mongolia. At its height in the mid 19th century, housing up to 8000 monks.
The monastery grounds are surrounded by scenic and sacred mountains including Munkh Ulziit, Arvan Gurvan Sansar, Bayan Baraat, and Bayan Khangai, all part of the Khentii mountain range. These 4 mountains are said to resemble Mongolian 4 powerful of the Eternal Blue Sky: a Lion on the east; a Dragon on the south; a Tiger on the west; and a Garuda on the north. The monastery itself is backed by the steep cliff of Munkh Ulziit mountain where one incredible hiking journey path takes you to many cliff carvings, stone carvings with different images of Buddhist gods, inscriptions of religious mantras, and a large Soyombo symbol can be found.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Monastery visit

Uglugch wall:
Uglugch wall is located in Batshireet soum, Khentii province. Carefully stacked rocks make 3 km long wall that lies on the pass of Daichin mountain. Wall’s height is 2.5-3 m and 2.5 m thick. It is believed to be built in 12th to 14th century. Chinggis Khaan used to live on this wall for some time. Around the area, we can find many ancient burial sites and rock monuments to explore. It is a place of historical and natural monument place.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Sightseeing
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 3. July 16
Uglugch Wall to Batshireet soum via “Onon Balj A” National Park Seruun Galttai

Distance: 250 km
Driving duration: 5 hours

Onon Balj A National Park:
Onon Balj is the place where Mongolian pine, larch, and birch forests are combined location. Forests are rich with rare wild animals and the favorite place for bird watchers. There are birds such as the white-naped crane, hooded crane, and bustards are easy to spot. As well as lots of rare strange animals like lobsters and oysters live in the river. Moose and musk-deer, red deer, roe deer, wolverine, cougars and wild boars are in the forest.
We will head to the place Seruun Galttai where many rare birds watching spot.

Activities: Hiking, Trekking, Photography, Bird watching, Wildlife observation

Batshireet soum:
Batshireet soum is the place the Yohor-2017 will take place. We will arrive in the evening and accommodate ourselves in the tourist camp and prepare for tomorrow’s big event.

Day 4. July 17
Batshireet soum, Yohor Naadam

A whole day celebrating Yohor festival

Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 5.
Batshireet soum to Deluun Boldog via Binder Ovoo & Rashaan rock

Distance: 350 km
Driving duration: 6 hours

Rashaan Rock:
Rashaan rock is located in Batshireet soum, Binder mountain’s southeast side. This rock possesses Mongolian historic and cultural scripts, and burials from Stone age to XVI century. Hundreds of seal and symbols of ancient Mongolian tribes will give you some inspirations from the past.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Historical information

Binder Ovoo:
Located next to Rashaan Rock, Binder ovoo possesses lots of secrets of ancient Mongolia. Saint Zanabazar visited Binderya mountain on the way back from Onon hot springs. He stopped on the Mountain, and announced, “It is very virtuous Mountain” and made an offering to the Binder Ovoo.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Historical information

Deluun Boldog:
Deluun Boldog was the home of Yesukhei Baatar, Great Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace. He was born with blood inside of his fist and born on Horse year, and Horse time of the day. Yesukhei Baatar the father of Chinggis Khaan announced hero has been born and made a mare sacrifice then buried its milt into the ground. That’s why this place is called Deluun Boldog = Milt crib.
A historical place surrounded by 3 lakes and beautiful nature, just next to Dadal soum.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Historical information
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 6.
Deluun Boldog to Chinggis city via Khar Ymaat Mountain

Khar Ymaat:
Khar Ymaat Mountain is located in Bayan-Ovoo soum of Khentii province. Many of Chinggis Khaan’s direct descendant the Golden Horde Khaans born and lived on this Mountain.

Activities: Hiking, Photograph, Historical information

Chinggis city:
Chinggis city is the capital of Khentii province.

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 7.
Chinggis city to Avarga Toson lake via Khitan Wall & Khanan Wall

Distance: 180 km
Driving duration: 4 hours

Khidan Wall & Khanan Wall:
Khidan and Khana walls are on our way to Khuduu Aral area via Kherlen river. They are historical ruins of Khitan state. And many ancient burials are around.

Avarga Toson lake:

Located in Delgerkhaan soum area, Khentii province. Khuduu Aral is a place where Mongolian first capital Aurag was located and its ruins are still intact. This is the place where Mongolian Secret History book has been finished writing. And Many Ikh Khuraldai(political and military assembly of Mongolia) has been taken place in this area. In this place a famous lake called Avarga Toson. It’s 2 interconnected lakes with healer alevins and water has carbonate, hydrocarbon, sodium, and calcium. It is where Mongolian people throughout the history swam for medicinal purposes. The lake heals skin-disease, allergy, diabetes, nose and throat diseases and much more.

Activities: Hiking, Swimming, Photograph, Treatments
Accommodation: Recreation center

Day 8.
Avarga Toson to Ulaanbaatar

Distance: 250 km
Driving duration: 5 hours

We will be leaving in the morning and head back to Ulaanbaatar where our tour has started. Goes back to the hotel and have some refreshment time. City tour with museums and do some shopping. The traditional folk art Concert with the great Tumen Ekh ensemble. And have a farewell dinner with all the travel crew members.

And until next time, Bayartai.

Museums:  Natural History Museum, Zanabazar fine art museum, Bogd Khaan’s palace museum, Choijin Lama museum
Accommodation: Hotel


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Chinggis Khaan Statue

Black Heart Mountain's Blue Lake

Khangal Lake

Bereeven Monastery

Yohor Festival

Onon Balj A National Park

Khar Ymaat Mountain

Avarga Toson


What’s included in the Price?

English speaking guide at all times
7 nights accommodations based on twin/double occupancy;
     - 4-5 star hotel in the city – 2 nights
     - Best Ger camps in the countryside – 5 nights
All meals 24 as specified in the itinerary: Breakfast-8, Lunch-8 & Dinner -8
All relevant transfers and transportation + experienced drivers (4WD minivan or Jeep)
Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary
National park and Attraction complex tickets
“Wonders of Mongolian Art” performance by “Tumen Ekh” ensemble
Visa invitation letter, if required
Included all taxes

What’s Not included in the Price?

International flights & visa fee
Travel & medical insurance 
Daily personal expenses

Program of “Yohor-2019” folk art festival

15th of July

  • Reception of the guests and representatives, accommodation 14:00

16th of July

  • Opening ceremony 10:00 /on festival arena/

  • Festival’s first stage contest 11:00

  • Opening of the Buryat town 11:00

  • Buryat wrestling first match 11:00 /on festival arena/

  • Buryat archery 11:00 /on archery range/

  • “Made in Batshireet” exhibition 11:00

  • Race of Khatar ambler horses 12:00

  • “Seer Naaduulah” competition 13:00

  • Festival’s second stage contest 14:00

  • Horse race with betting 15:00 /Horse race range/

  • Final match of the Buryat wrestling 16:00

  • Festival awards ceremony 17:00

  • The closing of the “Yohor-2019” festival, Bonfire rave 22:00 /at park/

18th of July

65th anniversary of the establishment of Batshireet soum,
farewell to the guests and representatives of the “Yohor-2019” folk art festival 10:00-14:00 /Barkh bridge/


  1. Ulan Bator
  2. Erdene
  3. Khukh Lake
  4. Khangal Lake
  5. MN
  6. MN
  7. Eg
  8. Onon
  9. Bayan-Ovoo
  10. Khar Ymaat
  11. Chinggis
  12. Avarga Toson
  13. Ulaanbaatar