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Chinggis Khaan Historical journey 7 days

Follow the trails of the Great Chinggis Khaan (aka Genghis Khan) to the eastern part of Mongolia. We will reach, see and explore the birthplace of Temuujin the son of Yesukhei Baatar to where he is titled the Chinggis Khaan under the Eternal Blue Sky. Chinggis Khaan founded the Mongol Empire in 1206 and he was born and raised by the Onon River in Khan Khentii Mountains, north-eastern part of Mongolia. Chinggis Khaan is the creator of the modern world and named the man of the Millenium.   

Gobi Expedition 7 days

Our journey will take place inside the Mongolian Plateau. This itinerary is created to feel the vibrant energy of gobi. Discover wonderful nature of the Gobi desert, and it's people. Nomadic culture, never before seen the natural phenomenon, and animals. We valued your comfort, education of the Gobi desert, and Mongolian people with just the right amount of activities at each site and spot. We made sure you have the time of your life. Our Gobi enthusiastic fully educated guides will guide you through this alien-like yet wonderful Gobi desert. This itinerary is included all of the must-see highlighted destinations of the Gobi Desert. Awe-inspiring valleys, remarkable gorges, largest and most spectacular sand dunes, oasis, springs, spectacular granite forest and numbers of Mongolian nomadic Gobi family visits. The itinerary is built to make an incredibly hassle-free, full of fun travel that a person can have in Gobi desert.

Western Mongolia 21 days

Beautiful places of Khangai mountains to the Altai Tavan Bogd mountains and it's highlighted locations, through the amazing lakes of the Great Lakes depression with the Gobi touches are the most magnificent and unforgettable journey one can take in Mongolia.  The most carefully planned itinerary for western Mongolia will leave you speechless after finishing this epic journey.  This trip is for travellers who wanted to see all Mongolia. It is still not all but covers the 60% of all Mongolia.   We have chosen the best attractions and the most hassle-free routes.  Many different ethnic groups of Mongolian people, with their welcoming attitude and great cultures, will create a new you. The well-preserved wildlife and untouched landscapes will make your jaw dropped for these 21 days.