Gobi Expedition 10 days - The Great Mongolian Adventures

Gobi Expedition 10 days

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Our journey will take place inside the Mongolian Plateau.

This itinerary is created to discover the vibrant energy of gobi and it's people, nomadic culture, wonderful nature, natural phenomenon, and animals. We value your comfort, education of the Gobi desert, and Mongolian people with just the right amount of activities at each site and spot. We made sure that you will have the time of your life.

Our Gobi enthusiastic fully educated guides will guide you through this alien-like yet wonderful Gobi desert.

This itinerary is included all the must-see highlighted destinations of the Gobi Desert:

Awe-inspiring valleys, remarkable gorges, largest and most spectacular sand dunes, oasis', springs, spectacular granite forest and much more

The itinerary is built to make an incredibly hassle-free, full of fun journey that a person can have in the Gobi.

Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, National parks, Photography, Nomadic family visits, Camel riding, Horse riding, Yak cart riding, Wildlife observation, Archeological research and watching migratory birds, Folk art's concert.

Accommodation: Only the best tourist camps at every attraction, but some places like Khermen Tsav we will camp in tents.

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Day 1.    
Ulaanbaatar to Ikh Gazriin Chuluu

Distance: 370 км
Driving duration: 7 hours

Our journey starts from Ulaanbaatar to Ikh Gazriin Chuluu
We travel through Zuunmod city, across the Tuv province, and then we will enter Gobi’s starting point. 

Ikh Gazriin Chuluu:
Gobi - Dundgobi province’s Gobi-Ugtaal and Bayanjargal soum’s area, Ikh Gazriin Chuluu mountain is Mongolian biggest granite area.
Sharp pointed peaks, an interestingly detailed forest of giant granite cliffs create a remarkably beautiful place.
There are two different parts in Ikh Gazriin Chuluu.
They are combined north to south 20km long, tallest peak is 1706m Yerlug mountain. In the granite forest many interesting caves called Toonot, Aguit, Mother’s womb, and Holy water etc, combined 40+ caves are here to explore. As well as interesting shaped rocks called Mount Khad, Penis Khad, Merman, King and Queen, Fishmouth, and much more.

Activities: Photograph, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Horse riding
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 2.
Ikh Gazriin Chuluu to Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa)

Distance: 240 км
Driving duration: 6 hours

Tsagaan Suvarga:
Dundgobi province’s Luus soum’s area, nature’s unique formation - arch-shaped huge abrupt cliff looks like an ancient building or town from a distance.
Cliff’s height is 60m and it’s 400m long. After the rain, water falling from Tsagaan Suvarga makes a huge waterfall, so says the locals. Around the cliff, there are many dome-like shaped colorful hills that you can explore.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 3.     
Tsagaan Suvarga to Yolyn am gorge via Dalanzadgad

Distance: 210 км
Driving duration: 5 hours

Dalanzadgad is the capital of Umnugobi province.

Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, Yolyn am gorge:
Umnugobi province’s West, Middle, and East Beauty, 3 separate mountains make 100km long Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park at nearly 27,000 square kilometers, is the largest national park in Mongolia. The tallest peak is located near Dalanzadgad city 2800m. a.s.l.  In East Beauty mountain. Here lies the famous Yolyn am gorge. Yolyn Am gorge is in the middle of East beauty Mountain. Mountain brook flow breaks the Mountain in half, with its narrow cliff used to always had ice in between. Now global warming is melting the ice in August until September since 2010. Three Beauty mountain has almost all kinds of animals and plants of gobi that you can discover.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Horse riding
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 4.    
Yolyn am gorge to Khongor’s sand dune via Dungenee canyon

Distance: 190 км
Driving duration: 5 hours

Dungenee canyon:
Dungenee canyon is located in Bayandalai soum south-west side of East Beauty mountain. Rocky cliff, caves and 12 km long brook is breathtakingly beautiful to hike around. In the summertime Wild sheep, Ibex, carnivorous birds as well as lots of other animals are easy to spot. Every venturer's favorite place.

Activities: Photograph, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Horse riding

Khongoryn Els:
Umnugobi province’s Sevrei soum, Gobi Three Beauty protected area, north side of Grand Sevrey Mountain and Zuulun mountain, in front of Bayan bor mountain the Khongoryn Els sand dune stands 130 km long, from northwest to southeast, depth is around 3-5km and some places 20+ km wide. It’s Mongolian longest sand dune. The highest peak is 195 m. West side of the dune is the tallest, and when the sand shifts, dune make an airplane like sound, and locals named the peak “Voiced dune”. Right beside the dune, there is a river called Khongor. Khongor river is 10 km long, and have 2 branches. The river is surrounded by green grasses, animals, and plants.
Echo pond, grazing animals, and amazing sands will give you the perfect Oasis feelings by the river.

Activities: Photograph, Dune climbing, Hiking, Camel riding
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 5.    
Khongoryn els to Khermen Tsav via Naran Daats

Distance: 250 км
Driving duration: 6 hours

Naran Daats:
Naran Bulag artesian water is a gobi’s oasis. This pure water spring is surrounded by Dinosaur fossil sites.

Activities: Paleontology research, wildlife observation

Khermen Tsav:
Northwest side of Gurvan Tes soum, Umnugobi province. Its height is 1000m. a.s.l. and 10km long escarps are called Khermen Tsav. At the end of it 10km wide, some areas 100-200metres deep. From distance, Khermen Tsav looks like a city remains. Khermen Tsav is 250 square km and home for many paleontology discoveries.
Interestingly shaped, red hills are here to prove The Gobi was, in fact, an ancient ocean floor. Looks like the middle ages’ European castles, and many kinds of animal shaped, avantgarde hills are unforgettable to ones who see it.
This place is famous for its Alien planet like, and spooky feeling that dinosaurs are still roaming in these escarps.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Climbing, Paleontology research
Accommodation: Camping

Day 6.    
Khermen Tsav to Nemegtiin Khooloi

Distance: 90 км
Driving duration: 3 hours

Nemegtiin Khooloi:
“Nemegt” is the second largest canyon in Mongolia, where many kinds of dinosaurs such as Oviraptorosauria and Ornithomimosauria full body fossils have found by American paleontologists in 1994. Visitors still finding lots of fossils such as Ancient mammals, insects, plants etc.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Paleontology research
Accommodation: Camping

Day 7.    
Nemegtiin Khooloi to Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs)

Distance: 160 км
Driving duration: 4 hours

Bayanzag is a very special place for world natural history, archaeology, and science. People have discovered and still discovering Important remains, remnants and fossil findings that are very good preserved for millions of years. Importance of Bayanzag is limitless to many sectors for that it is named one of Mongolian 7 wonders.
About 40,000+ years old people’s remnants, stone age, and bronze age equipment are still being found by visitors.
American adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews’ team found the world’s first Dinosaur eggs at Bayanzag.
Mongolian rarest birds live around this area. Such as Henderson's ground-Jay, Great bustard and Desert Warbler(whitethroat) etc.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Paleontology research, Wildlife observation
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 8.    
Bayanzag to Ongi Monastery

Distance: 170 км
Driving duration: 4 hours

Ongi monastery:
Dundgobi province, Saikhan-Ovoo soum’s area, Ongi river’s east bank, on Saikhan-Ovoo mountain’s slope there are remains of a Monastic city Ongi, founded in 1660. it was once a town that populated one thousand monks.
Bases of the buildings were built on mini-cliffs. Buildings were the true art of sculptures. It was devastated by the Soviet purges of the 1930s. Only a few traces remain in the mini-museum. Here you can see the remnants of the artistic walls equipment, and reconstructed Ongi Monastery.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Paleontology research, swimming
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 9.    
Ongi monastery to Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Distance: 280 км
Driving duration: 7 hours

Baga Gazriin Chuluu:
Dundgobi province, Delgertsogt soum’s area. Surrounded by the vast grassy plains 1768m a.s.l. Tall granite area and it is 300 sq km big.
In the mountain passes and valleys, there are a lot of springs plants. Ancient petroglyphs, remains, monuments are there to explore. There are Sudut gorge, Jargalant cave, Eye’s holy water, offering valley, Ger rock, Huns era burials etc. many interesting places to visit.

Activities: Photograph, Hiking, Rock climbing, Trekking
Accommodation: Tourist camp

Day 10.    
Baga Gazriin Chuluu to Ulaanbaatar

Distance: 240 км
Driving duration: 6 hours

We will be leaving in the morning and head back to Ulaanbaatar where our tour has started. Goes back to the hotel and have some shower time. City tour with museums and do some shopping. The traditional folk art Concert with the great Tumen Ekh ensemble. And have a farewell dinner with all the travel crew members.

And see you until next time.

Museums:  Natural History Museum, Zanabazar fine art museum, Bogd Khaan’s palace museum, Choijin Lama museum
Accommodation: Hotel



Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park

Khongoryn Els sand dune

Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve

Khermen Tsav

Flaming Cliffs

Camel riding

Horse riding

Nomadic family visits


What’s included in the Price?

English speaking guide at all times
10 nights accommodations based on twin/double occupancy;
     - 4-5 star hotel in the city – 2 nights
     - Best Ger camps in the countryside – 6 nights
     - Camping in a tent - 2 nights
All meals 24 as specified in the itinerary: Breakfast-10, Lunch-10 & Dinner -10
All relevant transfers and transportation + experienced drivers (4-5 pax will share a 4WD minivan or Jeep for countryside trip)
Sightseeing and entrance fees according to the itinerary
National park and Attraction complex tickets
“Wonders of Mongolian Art” performance by “Tumen Ekh” ensemble
Visa invitation letter, if required,
Included all taxes

What’s Not included in the Price?

International flights & visa fee
Travel & medical insurance 
Daily personal expenses


  1. Ulaanbaatar
  2. Ikh Gazriin Chuluu
  3. Yolyn Am gorge
  4. Khongoryn els
  5. Khermen Tsav
  6. Flaming Cliffs
  7. MN
  8. MN
  9. Ulaanbaatar